Hello, while the world is renewing itself, not a day passes so that the shopping industry does not renew itself... In today's article, we will tell you why we have started to hear the concepts of B2C and C2C frequently, why the sectors that sell products are looking for a market place, and many details about the market place for business owners to be successful. we will talk about.

The B2B (Business to business) business model is a business model that enables businesses to trade with businesses. One of the biggest examples of the business model, whose basic principle is to improve the operation, is wholesale/retail sales.

The B2C (Business to consumer) business model is the business model that enables businesses to trade with consumers. All shopping made by consumers online includes the B2C business model. The business model, which has benefits such as quickly accessing products for the consumer, making product price comparisons, also has the benefits of saving both time and personnel for businesses, such as promoting their brands and products to their customers in their target audience 24/7 and making sales.

The C2C (Consumer to consumer) business model is a business model that enables consumers to trade with consumers. With the developing e-commerce market, users are able to sell products to other users at prices they set themselves, through mobile applications with a C2C business model (eg Dolap, Letgo).

Especially in order to be successful in the B2B and B2C business models used by businesses, they need to have professional and dynamic websites. Online businesses are the face of your store on the internet, users have information about your products and brand when they visit your website. It is the right time to get a professional service to have a B2C and C2C e-commerce marketplace. While the world is renewing itself, move your store to the online platform and catch the world.