While the world is renewing itself, with the developing technology, WhatsApp continues to be one of the sensational news of recent times. As you know, we can say that WhatsApp, which lost 200 million users with a statement they made about its privacy policy in recent days, poured water on everyone by declaring that it would not implement this policy. So what happened? Why did Whatsapp give up its step back? What's the latest about the privacy policy today? Does it attack our personal data by sending our messages and location to Facebook as many of us fear? Contrary to what is known, whatsapp does not actually attack our personal data because it cannot make a very accurate explanation. Or at least it would not be right to say that such a thing is in question for now.

Whatsapp explains the privacy and security of our personal messages with the following headings;

We cannot read your personal messages and cannot listen to your calls. They cannot read or listen to these contents on Facebook.

We do not keep a record of the people that users message and call.

We can't see the location you shared. They can't see your location on Facebook either.

We do not share your contacts with Facebook.

Groups remain private.

You can set your messages to disappear: To further increase privacy, you can set your messages to disappear from chats after you send them.

So what is this whatsapp doing? Why does it confuse us all like this?

 Because of business accounts. As you know, there is a "business" version on all digital platforms. A version where businesses can more easily communicate with their customers and, if necessary, advertise and track statistics. It is exactly in this version that we can say that your WhastApp privacy is 'in danger'. So what is WhatsApp's explanation about it?

Messaging with businesses and how we work with Facebook:

Millions of people around the world securely communicate with businesses of all sizes on WhatsApp every day. We want to offer you an easier and better experience if you choose to text with businesses. We will always make this clear when you contact any business that uses the following features on WhatsApp.

Facebook hosting services:

 Messaging with businesses is different from texting with family or friends. Some large businesses need to use hosting services to manage their communications. For this reason, businesses; We offer the option to use secure hosting services provided by Facebook to manage WhatsApp chats with their customers, answer questions and send useful information such as purchase receipts. But whether you're communicating with a business over the phone, email or WhatsApp, that business can see what you say and use that information for its own marketing purposes, including advertising on Facebook. To ensure you are informed, we add clear and unambiguous labels to all conversations with businesses that choose to use the hosting services provided by Facebook.

Discovering businesses:

 You may see ads on Facebook that include a button you can use to send a WhatsApp message to a specific business. If you have WhatsApp installed on your phone, you will have the option to send a message to the relevant business. The way you interact with these ads may be used by Facebook to personalize the ads you see on Facebook.

As a result, when you contact a business on whatsapp, the business may go beyond your 'privacy' policies by using conversations with you as a marketing element outside the scope of personal data protection. With this notification, WhatsApp aims to be kindly to obtain your consent, of course, it is up to you not to use it. :)