How does my website rank first on Google? SEO-Google Ads

According to Google algorithms, there are many methods you can apply to make your website appear on the top. The most important 3 items in these methods are your site speed, original content production and obtaining regular backlinks.

  While creating your website, there are keywords called keywords as a result of researches specific to your industry and market among the codes. These keywords are little soldiers put into the site to help you present your site to users in searches related to you and your industry.

  Original content management is very important for your site to rank high and be viewed by searchers. You should add original articles to the blog section on most websites at least 2 times a week. The reason why it is original is that Google directs the clicks to the first person who wrote the article, regardless of the number of clicks. In other words, the article you copied from anywhere benefits the site you copied, not your site. You should definitely not do this as this will benefit your sectoral competitors.

Another method that can be as effective as original content production is backlink application. Backlinks, which have many types, are very important in increasing your ranking. Backlinks, known as "inbound links" or "external links" in SEO, are known as links from a page on one site to a page on another site. These links are not links pointing to your pages within your site, but are links pointing to your pages on other sites, in short, a site is referencing your site. Thanks to backlinks, Google sees your website as more popular. There is a linear relationship between the number of backlinks and high ranking.

  You have done all the steps we said as SEO work, your ranking has increased, but you are still not in the first place. The reason for this may be that you have not done a professional SEO work, or it may be doing SEO work on other sites at least as much as you. You should definitely not ignore this. Another service Google provides in such cases is Google Ads ads. You can also rank your site in the 1st place by advertising on Google for a fee. One advantage of Google Ads ads, for example, is that your site, which is in the 7th rank, comes to the 1st rank with the ad for a month, and the popularity of the site increases as the clicks of the site increase. In the meantime, if you continue to produce original content, at the end of a month, when your advertisement is finished, you will not fall back to 7th place, but will rise to 4th-5th rank. Please contact us to get professional help.