Hello, while the world is renewing itself, what is the growth rate in digital media, how is the user density increasing day by day or how is the loyalty of the participants created? In today's article, we will address these points. As you know, social media accounts have now become an indispensable communication and communication tool for all people from 7 to 77. In fact, mothers create accounts for the names they will put for their unborn children, and they have the opportunity to preserve their children's development in these accounts, starting with ultrasound pictures, and share them with the people they love or with the whole world.

So how will we, brand owners, take place in this digital world when we are not individuals?

In fact, the answer to this question is hidden in his words, "Brands try to be human and people try to be brands," as Cem Yılmaz said. My Business accounts provided by Facebook, together with Instagram/Facebook links, provide a wide range of opportunities for businesses to gain personality. Adding personality has become an indispensable phenomenon for brands to connect with consumers. Every brand reveals its character while it is still being born, choosing a name, creating its logo, in short, while preparing all corporate identity works, yes, just like people. The story of your brand, as well as its character, plays an important role in connecting with your consumers. Remember that every person has a story, at this point, if consumers see their own story in the brands they buy their products or services from, they will see themselves in a way and it will be much easier for them to bond at this point.

Twitter and Instagram grow at an average of 1500% each year. Consumers feel more free to express themselves in these channels where they can create their own broadcast media. At this point, it becomes easier for brands to communicate with social media users. It remains to entrust your brand to professionals who will create your brand's social media accounts and correctly identify your target audience and create a communication strategy.